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bodyguard is a person who protects someone from personal attack, assassination, loss of confidential information and other threats.

The bodyguards are usually armed and have experience in the melee and unarmed, driving and first aid. However, the most important skill for a bodyguard is to assess a situation of threat to protected and try to minimize the damage.

The courses for bodyguards  are precisely to define and specify the following items every bodyguard should consider. Although the courses for bodyguards abound in many security companies; the applicant must verify that the company which goes, has the prestige it deserves to enroll in any courses for bodyguards it offers.

Here are some points to consider and are based for bodyguards .

* The bodyguards should study the life of his protege and remove any activity or threats affecting his protege, attract procedures and safety plans.

* Any officer can be trained to run but the difference between an excellent bodyguard and a guard is the ability to plan. * The main feature that should have a bodyguard or “consultant” is professionalism. This word unfortunately has different meanings according to the reference frame of each individual.

* A bodyguard is not the gunman guarded, can not go out to intimidate people, displaying weapons or firing, invading lane avenues, nor flaunting bravery how ever we have seen at the national level.

* should only use force as a last resort, true security professionals appeal to it as a solution in really extreme cases.

* No use safety equipment consisting of conflicting and braggarts bodyguard if the insured suffers as a heart attack and can not administer medication, give first aid and take him to the nearest hospital.

And above all …

* Must have a high level of values, as the insured lives depend on your guard , you can not hire a person who is not reliable. Note that the bodyguard s can be bribed by people who want to damage it.



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